Friday, April 17, 2015

Oh Joy!!!! Baby Making Time

I have wanted to be a mom my entire life.  I started seriously thinking about parenting in my late 20s.  In my early 30s I casually considered having a baby on my own if I did not find my Mr. Joy Chaser soon.  At age 34 I started praying about it, discussing it with my mom and joined the Single Mother By Choice (SMC) online community and researching the Internet for all things SMC.  Right before turning 35 I meet with my Gynecologist, a Reproductive Endocrinologist, did blood work, ultrasounds, and had an HSG (very unpleasant, but quick, test that determines if your uterus is normal and tubes are open) .  Finally, at age 35  I am officially trying to conceive.

 It is officially Time To Make A Baby Yall!

Have you ever used an at home Ovulation Predictor Kit?  Did you find the Kit reassuring that you were baby dancing or getting your insemination at the right time? 

P. S. Please pray for me that this journey to becoming a mom is a short and uneventful one ending with a beautiful Bundle Of Joy.  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Words Of Joy and Encouragement

I spent the latter part of this weekend in Maryland for a funeral.  My uncle passed away on Easter and was laid to rest yesterday.  Many wonderful stories and  anecdotes about my uncle  were shared.  Through all of the testimonials there was a common theme.  That theme was kindness. It was said that my uncle never said an unkind word about anyone. This is consistent with my memory of him.

As I say, not good bye, but see you later to my uncle, I am challenged to follow his example, to guard my tongue so that my words may bring only Joy and encouragement.

RIP Uncle Ray.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Where's The Black Sperm! The Joy of Picking A Sperm Donor

Over the years I have done a lot of online dating.  One think I'd noticed was that unless I was on a website specifically for black people there would only be a few black men on sites like match and eharmony. (I think/hope that is changing).  I never expected to run into a worse version of the same problem while trying to find a sperm donor.  Where are all the black sperm donors???

Despite there not being many black sperm donors I managed to find one.  It was not easy to pick him though.  Here are some of the things a woman or family may consider when choosing a sperm donor.

  • Ethnicity - some may pick a donor of their same ethnicity for obvious reasons while others may pick a donor of a different ethnicity to decrease the chance of certain genetic diseases.
  • Age - some people prefer an oldefr or a younger donor for various reasons
  • CMV Status - CMV is a virus like the common cold. You will not know if you have had it until your doctor tests you.  If you are CMV negative you will want a CMV negative donor.  While CMV is harmless if you get it it can be very dangerous to your baby if you get it while pregnant.
  • Height, eye color, skin tone, hair color,  - Some people want a donor who looks similar to them or their family so that the baby may look more like them.
  • Medical history - If certain illnesses run in your family you may want a donor who does not have those same illnesses in their family.
  • The donor essay
  • The donor education level
There are many things  you can consider when picking your sperm donor.  Check out my video below to see what I took into consideration when choosing my donor.
I believe becoming a mom will be one of the most joyful experiences of my life.  Choosing my donor is one step in the process.  If you were to choose a sperm donor what criteria would you consider when choosing your donor?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pinterest Project: What's in the Pan? A Pinterest Fail

OK. Can you tell me what is in the pan?  Go ahead, really look at it.  Can you figure it out?  Care to make a guess? Give up?

Fine, I will tell you what that mysterious concoction was supposed to be.  It  is egg roll in a bowl and was supposed to look like this.

From on Pinterest 
You see any resemblance?  Yeah, me neither.  This is a definite Pinterest Fail.

In the spirit of full disclosure there was some human error involved here.  I am a pretty good cook so I don't usually feel the need to follow a recipe to the T. In this case I should have.

I decided to do a shrimp egg roll filling instead of pork.  Shrimp cooks fast, so I decided to throw them in the pan after cabbage.  Shouldn't have done that.  The cabbage wilted too much and got mushy while the shrimp was cooking.  I guess the color is my fault too.  Instead of shredding the cabbage myself I got lazy and purchased a pre-shredded cabbage and carrot mix.  The mix had both green and purple cabbage.  When they started to cook everything turned this weird color, almost like a teal color.  I have no clue why it happened.  A purple color would have been more expected.

Despite the weird color and the mushy texture the flavor was good.  This was my first time using fresh ginger and it worked out well.  Right now this is classified as a Pinterest Fail  but I think if I actually follow the recipe and use only green cabbage it could turn out great.

Stay tuned for a do over.
The Pinterest Project is a year long project where I will bring Pins to life.  Make sure you are following the Pinterest Project Board on Pinterest   Next up I'll be putting a how to share my blog posts on Instagram Pin into practice.

What have you been Pinning?  Do you have more Pinterest Fails or Pinterest Wins? Have you ever had an egg roll in a bowl?

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Joy Chasing Strategy For When You Feel Down

Ugh.. I have been have been feeling stressed and down lately. Some of it is from real life, as real life can sometimes be stressful and disappointing, but a big part of it is a side effect from a medication that I have to take. Luckily I won't be on the medication for long. To combat these negative feelings I will turn to one of my Joy Chasing strategies.

Count Your Blessings When Feeling Down to Feel Better
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Now is the perfect time to add to my list of 1000 gratitudes.

Find 1 through 22 here.

23. Pedicures
24. Sleeping Late
25. Peanut (my cat)
26. Polka Dots (I love wearing them)
27. Sequence and other bling
28. Family Recopies
29. Coach purses
30. The Single Mother By Choice community
31. Modern Reproductive Medicine
32. Ceiling Fans
33. The Daily Bread devotionals
34. A Flexible work schedule
35. Salvation
36. Prayer
37. White gold and silver jewelry
38. Work bonuses
39. Blogging
40. My mom's support of my journey to becoming a mom.  

I am thankful or all of the things on the list plus many many more.  When things are tough these are  the things that I can think about and smile.  These are the things I can think about and feel blessed.  

What are some things that you can think about to smile and feel blessed when you are going through a tough time?  What are some non-obvious things that you are thankful for?

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