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Monday, August 3, 2015

VEDA: Video Everyday August. Introducing Chasing Joy

Daily Vlogs: VEDA. Vlog Everyday August
I cannot believe it is already August.  This summer sure is flying by.  This month I am doing something that should make me appreciate and acknowledge each day this month.  I am participating in VEDA.  VEDA is Vlog Everyday August.  That's right I will be posting a new video on my YouTube Channel every day this month.  At least I am going to try to do it every day.

This is going to be a challenge.  I am much more comfortable blogging than I am vlogging but it should be interesting to mix it up.  Now I need to come up with a month of content for my vlogs.  I do already have a few ideas:

  1. Baby Making Updates
  2. Weight loss/ Nutrisystem
  3. The #10950MinutesofExercise Challenge
  4. Happiness Tips
  5. hmm what else????
OK, I see I have my work cut out for me.  I need much more content. I'm sure I will find some themes that others are using for VEDA to help me out.  

My first video is just an introduction.  You can click here to >>> view it on my channel <<< if you are having trouble with the embedded video below.

Are any of you doing VEDA?  If you did it in the past what are some of the topics you covered?  What would you like to see me talk about this month?  

Friday, July 31, 2015

How Many IUIs Does it Take to Make A Baby?

Video of IUI Using Frozen Donor Sperm
How many IUIs does it take to make a baby?  Well in my case we know the answer is more than 3.  My 1st, 2nd, and 3rd IUIs were all big fat negatives.  I am still in a bit of disbelief that I did not get pregnant the first go-round.  After 3 negatives I find myself laughing when I think about my first time.  I was so paranoid that I made my then college boyfriend come with me to the store where we purchased both condoms and a spermicide.  I always insisted on two forms of birth control. Who knew it was really this hard to get pregnant. Now, two forms of birth control seems like overkill.  But who knows.  I'm sure I was much more fertile at 20 than I am now at 35.

My friends keep telling me it will happen when it happens.  Well here's to hoping it happens soon.  Below is a live video of  my 4th IUI.  If you have trouble viewing the video click here >> IUI #4 Live <<.

Did it take you a while to get pregnant with your bundle of joy?  What was your experience like trying to conceive?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Make Monday Your Fresh Start

My challenge  to you, and myself, is to view Monday  differently.  Consider it a new start. What are some things you can do to set yourself up for a great week? Set some goals.  Make it Happen Monday!!!
Make Monday Your Fresh Start

Friday, July 24, 2015

Planning for IUI #4 Including Monitoring, Medication, & Shooting Myself In The Stomach

Fertility treatment, IUI with clomid and ovidrel.

I could not believe IUI #3 didn't work. I just knew the 3rd time would be the charm.  Well it's on to the next one. I moved on to IUI #4 in a big way. By big way I mean stabbing myself in the stomach big.  OMG check out the video for all the details of my plan for IUI #4 including  medication, monitoring  and giving myself a shot of Ovidrel.

Tell me about your experiences giving yourself or someone else a needle.  For anyone trying or having tried to conceive what was your experience like if you used Clomid, an Ovidrel Trigger Shot, or similar medications?

Monday, July 20, 2015

No Joy In Going To The ER. 8 Tips On Getting Through It

How to get through taking a loved one to the ER, emergency room.
Unfortunately for most of us there will come a time when we will have to accompany someone  to the hospital emergency room.   There is nothing joyful about it so I'm not even going to go there.  Over the years I have been in the ER with my dad or mom a bunch of times.  I know how much it sucks but here are a few tips on how I get through it.

  1. Remember that your loved one is where they need to be. We all hate hospitals but the doctors and nurses are trained to help your loved one in ways that you cannot. If things get worse they are only feet away in most cases.
  2. Remember your faith. Now is a time for prayer not only for your loved one but for everyone. Pray for your loved ones healing. Pray for yourself in managing the stress, anxiety, and fear that comes with having a sick love one. Pray for the well being of and guidance for all of the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and staff involved in your loved ones care. 
  3. Reach out to your support system. Send a quick text to your friends and family. These would be the people who will not only check in on your loved one but on you as well.  
  4. Assuming you have a few minutes before heading to the ER take a moment to grab all of the medications that your loved one is currently  taking.  It is much easier for the staff to take your bag of meds and document everything than for you and the patient to try and remember the names and dosages of everything.
  5. Feel free to ask questions.  The doctors and nurses want you to understand  what is happening. Just be tactful. For example asking what is that medication or test for is way better than yelling why you doing that? 
  6. Do not get annoyed  when every new doctor  or nurse who enters the room asks you or the patient to repeat what brought them into the ER.  I know it is tiresome and annoying but it is their way of making sure that no one misses anything. Kind of like a checks and balance.  
  7. I'm  sure all the nurses would agree with me on this one.  The nurses are the ones who actually care of your loved one while the doctors provide diagnosis and draft orders.  Treat the nurses with respect. Say please and thank you. Do not ask them for things for yourself only ask on behalf of the patient. Stay out of the way and do what simple things you can to help your loved one when the nurse is busy.  Fix your loved ones pillows and blankets, help them to the bathroom and with their food (if allowed).
  8. Bring your own entertainment. A smartphone or ipad can really help you past the time. Don't forget your charger.  
I hope none of you head to the ER any time soon.  If so I hope some of these tips come to mind to help you through.

Tell me how you got through it when you had to go to the ER with a loved one.  Did i miss anything? What tips would you add?
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