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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Dance...Naked


Filled with the pleasure of having just taking a nice cool shower on a super hot not even summer yet night, after just having had the shower fixed, I found myself dancing naked in the mirror to the music being played by the Jimmy Kimmel band on television. “Dance naked in front of the mirror” said a friend of mine a few months back when I asked her for some ideas of things to do to be happy. Well I confess that my dance did not last very long. Get this temple in order were the lyrics in my head as I danced (see My Body My Temple and The Temple’s Foundation) While I cannot say I had the joy filled experience my friend predicted ,it did put a slight smile on my face. I imagine the more work I put into my temple the longer my dance will be. Dancing in the mirror naked…she may be on to something here.


  1. This is amamzing! There is something about dancing around naked that makes one feel so liberated. No matter your shape or size! :) I encourage you to keep dancing in the nude, no one is looking... :)

  2. there's something liberating about not being confined by clothes :) Now, i'm not a nudest...yet, but maybe one day :)

  3. I love it!!! My favorite thing to do! Wishing you more dance in the mirror filled days & nights, on your journey to chase the joy that you so wonderfully deserve!
    Love ya, my lifetime friend!

  4. Dancing in any way shape or form is fun! I have a special dance mix that i put on when I am cleaning - it gives me the energy and drive needed to get through an awful chore, and if I find myself shakin' my booty while cleaning I just figure i am burning some extra calories in the process!

    AND I will definitely admit to dancing crazy naked around my room, jumping on my bed and yelling song lyrics into my brush too :) SO liberating - and yes, joyful too!!!!!! I can't make music but i can definitely appreciate it!!!! :) bam

  5. Hmmm I guess this is something that I will add to my list of things to try in 2012!

  6. OK, this was back in June. Have you done any more naked mirror dancing? Inquiring minds want to know!


  7. Tui, I have found myself dancing in the mirror but more often in bra and panties than naked.

  8. I thought for sure you mean the Just Dance video game and being naked. Look I even found a video of that! Naked Girl Playing Just Dance 3.


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