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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chasing Joy with the The Positive Thinking Community


I have good news, I have good news Chasing Joy will be contributing to the
The Positive Thinking Community Blog. The Positive Thinking Community Blog is "A positive thinking social blog that allows everybody to add thoughts, articles, music, videos, pictures, quotes, and everything else that contributes to positive thinking". While some of my pursuit of Joy is physical (ex: the list of activities I've always wanted to do from my Devil's Workshop posts) much of it is definately Postive Thinking focused. The major strategies I am using to Chase Joy include:
  • trying new things

  • developing and nurishing postive relationships

  • focusing on the good things that happen every day

  • counting blessings

  • improving physical health

  • impoving self-estem

Please join me in Chasing Joy through the The Positive Thinking Community Blog.

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