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Friday, October 8, 2010

Feel Good Friday - Sanctuary of Joy


Happy Feel Good Friday!!!!

Wow Friday comes so fast now that I am doing these posts :-)

What has you feeling good this Feel Good Friday??? I am feeling good because I sold my soul to Raymour And Flanigan... lol... Ok maybe I did not sell my soul but I did just order a lot of furniture. R&F and I have come to a nice agreement on the financing of my furniture where I will be paying no interest. I feel good about that but what I really feel good about is the fact that I am starting to work on the little things that can add Joy to my life. In my Feel Good Friday post, The Little Things, I mentioned working on my personal style is one of the little things that can add joy to my life. What better place to start than my home. If I am to treat my body as my temple shouldn't’t I treat my home as my sanctuary??? Shouldn't it reflect me, my thought, feelings, passions, and Joys. Shouldn't it provide me with comfort, security, and serenity. So I have picked out some furniture that will adorn my sanctuary according. But first I will be ridding myself of anything in the house that detracts from my pursuit of Joy. Then cleaning and painting before R&F arrive with my deliveries.

So how is your living space?
Is your home your sanctuary?
If not what can you do to change that?
Are there small steps you can take (decluttering, reorganizing, changing the layout) to make your home a Sanctuary of Joy???


  1. Hub did something as simple as wallpaper to the bathroom and it made a difference. Enjoyed your post

  2. You are so right, our home's should be our sanctuary. Currently whilst on holiday I'm staying at my mum's, although I'm comfortable it has helped me appreciate my home all the more. With kids it's hard to keep your space as you'd always like, although I could do with a clear out of things they do not need anymore.

    Supporting you in getting your fitness and nutrition back on track


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