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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joyless Job???


Think Your Job Sucks?!?!

It could be worse.


  1. Weeping may endour for a night but joy commeth in the morning. The worst job in the world. I looked at this and laughed. Is thought the ladies sniffing arm pits was the pits "Pun intended, really". The man giving the elephant an exam was funny too. So if the elephant flexed it's muscles what would happen Hmmmmmm? But the man holding the target really made me laugh hard for some reason. It is like an old bugs bunny cartoon that came too life. He actually looks comfortable. I guest it depends on his perspective of how he see's the situation. Speaking of depends, How much you want to bet that he was wearing some. Well we see that the Elephant was not wearing any. actually looks like he/she swallowed a man whole and he came right out. I wonder if the elephant is doing its buisness over a pit. Perhaps that is what the ladies a sniffing for. All in a days work. compared to these pictures my day at work was paradise. This is really funny. By Shane W. Hartie

  2. Just came across this post. It is so funny! But it does make me appreciate the things I have more.

  3. lol it would SUPER SUCK to have any of those jobs :/

    Stopping by from FBF on Chasing Joy :)

  4. Smelling underarms!?!?!? lol I will definitely pass! This was really refreshing...although I do have some joy in my new job! Stopping by from FBF

  5. Oh yes, can make you appreciate your job more after seeing those images :)

  6. Hilariaous!!! Yes I would say that all of these jobs look pretty joyless! Makes you appreciate what you do even more! LOL ~Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  7. Thankfully I love my job but what a great reminder that it could always be worst, loved the post :)

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