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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Would you jump off a bridge if your friends were doing it???


Apparently I would. I'm starting this blog after reading the blogs of two women that I admire so very much and am luckily enough to call friend. Shout out to Bellyaches and Belly Laughs and Big Diva Headquarters.

This blog is not a soapbox for me to express my political and or religious views although I do have them and may touch on them from time to time. It is not a place for me to discuss the latest fashion and celebrity news. I will not be devoting every other post to the state of hip hop today and whether or not Jay-Z is a Mason.

What this blog is, is a collection of my thoughts, happy, sad, deep, meaningful, shallow or trivial. I'm putting my thoughts to paper as a form of self expression during a very difficult time in my life that I'm hoping to use as a springboard toward happiness. I am on a mission to find out what joy is for me and escape the sense of boredom that has always plagued me. I hope that some of you will relate and others will gain some insight into the ups and downs of a single, 30 year old woman, who do to recent traumatic events realizes she's all grown up. Stay tuned...
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