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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Joy of Imperfection

Perfection is the quality or state of being free from fault or defect, flawlessness, the quality or state of being saintly, an exemplification of supreme excellence, an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence. Perfection is non-existent.

This weekend I am doing something that I basically never do. I am entertaining. I am having a small group of friends over for a Jewelry party. For some this is no big deal. For me it is a huge deal. To actually invite people into my private space and reveal another part of myself…. Scary stuff.

I know what you’re thinking much ado about nothing. But here is the problem. This is what my house should look like.

But it actually looks more like this: (picture from)
(****note to potential stalkers this is not a picture of my actual house****)

I have had this idea in my head that when you reach a certain age, certain income, certain point in you career your home should look a certain way. My house is comfortable and I am proud to own it. It is within my means and I am blessed to have it. However, since my house does not fit that image of a perfect house that I have in my head, I have had this crazy idea that my little place was not good enough for entertaining. Because it is not my dream house, my perfect house I have robbed myself of the pleasure of having people over. I’ve also robbed my friends of the opportunity to come into my private space and get to know me even better.

What makes this ridiculous idea that I have to have a perfect place so bad is that I know my friends do not even care. My friends are not judgmental or materialistic. And they love me just because I am me.

So once again I have a Choice to make will I Chase Joy which is attainable or will I chase perfection which does not exist???? I choose to Chase Joy.

What are you chasing?


  1. I loved your disclaimer to any potential stalkers! Too funny.

    I am glad you are chasing is too short not to.

    I can also house is not perfect and I never like having people over....mainly do to the kids...something is always messy. But my husband slowly convincend me that anyone who comes over does not care about the mess, they are just coming over to hang out, spend time w/ us, etc.

    Keep me posted on how your party goes!

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  3. Yes! I choose chasing joy - or the sun ;-) 100% of the time. Don't nobody got time for perfection :-p LOL Visiting via #FlashbackFriday


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