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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To Don't List for Joy in the Workplace


Let’s face it most of us would not work if we did not have to. So here is a little Do Not do list to help things stay pleasant in the office

• If you have a hearing problem don't play a radio in you cube unless
you have on headphones. What is barely audible to you is surround sound
to your co-workers.

• Don't apply your hair spray at your desk. They are nice enough to
offer us bathrooms for that type of grooming,

• Don't ask your co-workers if their shoes, purse, or any other items
is real or a knock-off unless you are prepared for an answer including an expletive and the phrase non of your business

• Do not floss or otherwise picking at your teeth at your desk. That room with the sinks, stalls and all the mirrors does come in handy

• Do not refer to the younger employees as Kiddo unless you’d like them to remind you of just how young you aren’t

• Do not braid your co-worker's hair at the desk . Do I really need to say any more???
Do not wear your baseball uniform into the office even if you play on
the company's team. This is definitely a violation of the dress code.

• Do not tell your co-worker they probably are "hot" when not wearing
their uniform Unless you are hoping to earn a sexual harassment case instead of a raise

• Do not wish out loud that your co-worker will fall and never get
up, not everything we think is meant to be said out loud.

• If you go to the gym and remember you forgot to do something really important, take the time to shower and change. Nothing is so important that you need to be in the office with other people in sweat dripping from your brow onto you sweet stained t-shirt. Another dress code infraction!!!

• Do not fight with your significant other at work on the phone or in person. There is plenty of time for those open and honest feelings at home.

So raise the Joy quotient at your workplace and keep these don’ts in mind as you head to the office. Maybe even print them out and hang them in your cube or write a few of them on your white board.

What’s on your don’t list for workplace behavior???



  2. Too funny Arlett, I have not seen anyone braiding hair at their desks yet. I used to have a co-worker that always fought with his spouse on the phone and boy it got loud too!

  3. Entertaining list! How's about don't bring your bad mood to work,


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