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Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday - Stop Lying

Happy Flashback Friday Joy Chasers!!!  What a fast week.

Welcome to Flashback Friday,where you can Flashback to one of your older posts and linkup here and also on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. Please leave a comment saying why you selected your Flashback post and check out a couple of the other Flashback posts. I'm looking forward to reading your Flashback posts.

This week I am linking up to one of my first posts, Stop Lying!!! I hope you will join me in linking up.


  1. I chose this post because it is from the mental health linky, with a poem Cyclic Swimming about cyclic moods. Shah .X

  2. I chose this post because it reminds of a happy time, when I saw the world come together in sport.

  3. This was a fun post that I think a lot of aspiring writers would enjoy.


  4. I linked a post that is meaningful to me, in an odd sort of way.

  5. I picked a short post for you. I just think it is a great marriage builder because marriage matters. Hope you enjoy!

  6. Oh my I forgot to give you the link.

  7. Shah, I really liked the poem.
    Sandz, meeting the team must have been awesome.
    Langly, Impressed by your love of words.
    Debbie, great advice.

    Thank you all for linking up for Flashback Friday. Link up here every Friday.


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