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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Joy of Online Dating

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Today we had unseasonal snow in October. Not a lot I’m sure it’ll be melted before I get up tomorrow. But it is still too early in the year for snow. Today I also saw that my front tire was once again needing air. The combination of the low tire and the slushy streets made me a nervous driver. The best place for a nervous driver is anywhere but the driver seat. So I decided to have a day in today.

I spent my day catching up on the DVR, reading blogs and checking out the online dating sites. In previous posts I have mentioned that I am currently accepting boyfriend applications. I realize it would be much more fun to Chase Joy with a partner. I belong to a few online dating sites including a free one and one of the more popular pay sites. Some people are still anti-online dating. Not me. I think it is just one of the many ways we meet and communicate with new people. I have tried it at different times over the years. I’ve meet some pretty nice people but no real love connections yet.

Anyway, if you have not noticed from some of my other posts I enjoy making lists. So to amuse myself today while checking out the online dating sites I have compiled this list of screen names/ user names that you should NOT select if you hope to meet a nice, non-crazy girl, like me online.

Here goes, in no particular order:

  • Mr. Ed
  • Bigdoginphilly
  • Whatever
  • Gone2morrow
  • Kingbeef
  • Feedmebacon
  • TheUnsane
  • Grimm69
  • DawnoftheDread
  • NeedleFound
  • Sodomhussein
  • 2daysexperiment
  • SnoppDogg
  • Notgood4u

 I think these names speak for themselves. LOL… I hope they gave you a little chuckle as they gave me.

Have you ever tried online dating? Did you have a love connection? What crazy screen name/user names have you come across as you’ve looked online for a Joy Chasing partner?


  1. I met my husband online! So I know it works! Just be careful and make sure you tell someone where you are going and with whom!

  2. Good Luck. I hope you find what your looking for in a mate.

  3. Online dating would be interesting to say the least! It must feel a bit like shopping?

  4. I've never tried the on-line dating sites. I imagine there are some interesting names as well as characters out there.

    Girl, I just realized I wasn't following you! I took care of that. Newest follower. :)

  5. Online dating works.Though some people take it as a play.It has worked for me.I met my husband online and we are a perfect match.Life is just a joy,we have kids and everything is running smooth.

  6. This topic was your advantage among other blogs out there. This blog contains and provide definitely unique ideas and information.

  7. At least these names seem more original than the ones in the updated posts. People are losing their creativity.


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