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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flashback Friday: Vacation Time

Happy Friday!!! Are you ready for the Flashback? Bloggie friends have you picked out you post for the linky? Joy Chasers are you to find some new blogs to checkout? Flashback Friday is where we Flashback to our older posts and linkup here. We also post a link to our Flashback post on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. It is a great way to rediscover our earlier work and discover some new blogs.

Be sure to check out AT LEAST TWO other Flashback posts. Might I suggest the ones listed before and after your post. Please leave a comment saying why you selected your Flashback post and what you thought about the other Flashback posts. I'm looking forward to reading all of your Flashbacks.

I am not a travel lover.  I like to visit new places but I just don't like the actual process of getting there.  The flying, the driving, the waiting in lines.  But it is oh so worth it when you are on vacation!!!  This week I am linking up to my post Vacation Time. In this post I talk about all the virtues of going on Vacation. When was your last vacation?  Where did you go?

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  1. I picked this post because I need a reminder that my life is often more bizzare and funny rather than bizzare and tragic.

  2. I rarely go on vacation. I picked this one because its funny, or you can make fun of me, and it involves Arkansas cops.

  3. My flashback post is from precisely a year ago today. Loved the chance to revisit it!

  4. I picked this one becaue lately I feel that we all need a laugh! So here laugh at me!

  5. My flashback post is about a day trip to Crater Lake, OR - I never realized that I could learn so much about life while visiting such a beautiful place!

  6. I'm a travel writer, so I guess it's no surprise that I love to travel! The article I linked to for #FBF talks about a weekend road trip to Paris, Texas. They even have an Eiffel Tower replica!

    I look forward to checking out everyone else's posts. :)


  7. My post is about the time I wanted to kidnap my father in law because he made everything so easy when we were visiting during the summer.

  8. I picked this post because I seem to not just have senior moments nowadays but senior seasons! I have no interest in getting tight with Al(zheimer's). What's a sister to do to keep her mind?

  9. I chose a post that I close to my heart. It is a guest post I did for Ms. Positivity. If you didn't see it then i hope you will read it now! She also has an interesting prompt for guest posting going on right now.


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