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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fresh Canvas for Joy.


So what do you do when the future you envisioned does not seem likely, when as I state in description for this blog, things are not as you imagined they would be?

I imagined my life picture perfect of course. Didn't you? I would be extraordinarily great at my awesome job. I would marry a great man. I would be a young mom but not to young. I would have a couple kids while I was still young enough to keep up with them and their music. I would demonstrate the work/life balance as it had never been seen. I'd be the black Martha Stewart only friendlier, funnier, and prettier but without the cameras. My calender would be filled with play dates for kids, date nights with the man, and girls nights comparable to likes of Sex in the City. I know this is completely realistic, right????

OK, so maybe the future I envisioned is a little too perfect. Kind of like one of those paint by numbers pieces. Too planned and precise to be natural. Beautiful yet somehow lacking all creativity and originality. Void of the random imperfections that define natural beauty. Lacking the energy that uniqueness and spontaneity give rise to.

So what do you do when the future you envision is not picture perfect??? Toss out the paint by numbers kit and start fresh with a blank canvas. Hold on to the big picture of your dreams and goals but abandon the plan. Go outside the lines. Mix your colors. Cover the canvas of your life with bright, lively, Joyful designs. And don't be afraid to rinse your brushes off, adjust your easel, pull out a blank canvas, and start again. That's what I am doing.
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