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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Love Beef and Chasing Joy

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from The Mrs. The Mommy. The MD. letting me know I was one of the winners in her Where's the Beef give away.  This week I recieved my prize which included an apron, The Healthy Beef Cookbook, and cookbook holder with splatter guard, and assorted I love beef stickers and ballons.  I love the look of the apron and can't wait to start the beef receipes.

It is so exciting to win something.  This whole blogging thing is starting to be pretty cool.  I never would have won my awesome apron and cookbook if I'd have not started visiting other bloggers.  I'd have never even know about The Mrs. The Mommy. The MD. if I'd not started Chasing Joy. 

Chasing Joy has lead me to some awesome experiences, places, and people.  As a direct result of Chasing Joy I have:
  • taken ballet
  • completed a 5k as a runner
  • visited Bermuda
  • dyed my hair red
  • entered a plus sized beauty contest (made the top 10)
  • had a volunteer experience
  • I received the Versatile Blogger award from another blogger
  • I developed a true friendship with a girl I went to high school with directly because of her comments and support on Chasing Joy.
  • I have partnered with another friend to help market her business with a giveaway.
  • And now I also have an awesome apron and some new healthy receipes to try out.
Gotta Love Chasing Joy!!!

What awesome things have happened to you since you started writing a blog or other wise following your dreams or goals?  What good has come from you Chasing Joy???

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday - Stop Lying

Happy Flashback Friday Joy Chasers!!!  What a fast week.

Welcome to Flashback Friday,where you can Flashback to one of your older posts and linkup here and also on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. Please leave a comment saying why you selected your Flashback post and check out a couple of the other Flashback posts. I'm looking forward to reading your Flashback posts.

This week I am linking up to one of my first posts, Stop Lying!!! I hope you will join me in linking up.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Chasing Joy

I just signed up to for the Race for Hope to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society.  I have created team Chasing Joy. If you are in the Philadelphia Area come and run (or walk) with me.  If you are not in the area you can also sign up as a virtual runner (walker).  I hope you will join team Chasing Joy.  Just click here to join. 

This will be my second attempt to run a 5k.  I am a believer in positive self talk and mind over matter.  So,  this is what I'll be saying to myself as I train and run that day...
got this picture from my facebook friend
Do you enjoy charity walks/runs???

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Dad... I'm Chasing Joy

Dear Dad,

I cannot believe in a few days it will be two years since you went to rest. Time does fly. I still miss you more than is possible to express. Obviously your passing is not a good memory for me and neither is your funeral. But they are not my worst memories. Your passing was peaceful. Your funeral was how I know you wanted it to be and I take pride in that. My worst memory is when the doctors made it clear to us that you were not going to recover. Trying to hold onto my faith and belief in miracles yet surrendering to the reality of what was happening. The sadness. The disappointment. The fear. The pain. The knowledge that I was going to have to be strong. The faith that the strength would come from somewhere… and it did.

I tell you about my feelings not to relive them. Just to acknowledge that this is how I felt. And also to let you know that while I do have this memory, worst then all others, it does not haunt me. It does not haunt me because there is nothing that I could have done differently. But most of all it does not haunt me because you would not want me to let it. And everyone knows I listen to my Dad :-)

So, while I miss you terribly and have some painful memories of losing you I am not living in sadness, disappointment, fear, or pain. Instead I am living a life in pursuit of happiness. I am Chasing Joy. I remember you telling me “the party aint going to find you, you got to go out and find the party!!!” I have been looking for the party and writing about it. I know you would be proud of me; happy that I have taken up writing (I remember the Christmas story you wrote :-); and excited about the adventures Chasing Joy will give me.

I am doing well and improving all the time (I know you think I’m perfect but there is always room to improve). I still spend more money than you think I should but I also still save. I still have my “good job”. I’m still looking for the right guy. The one you’d secretly like but never admit it. Oh and I ran a 5k.  You would have loved that :-)

Mom is doing good too. Retired and having fun, but not too much fun, at “The Game”. Things are as you would have predicted with the boys. The grandkids are happy and growing into awesome young people, confident, smart and attractive. And none of them seem short… LOL. The youngest grandson is athletic and loves to dance. I wonder where he got that from :-)

I don’t see your siblings too much. That is still really painful to see them without you. But thanks to Facebook and Twitter, computer stuff that you wouldn’t really understand, I know they are well.

We are all doing well because you prepared us.

Thank you,

Love me.

PS...  Pinto is getting old but she is still greedy.  Peanut is still bad (you may have been right about that crack cat thing).  I still have Hurt.  He is doing really good for old guy. Mom takes him for walks and everthing now :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

Happy Flashback Friday Joy Chasers!!!

Flashback Friday is where you can Flashback to one of your older posts and linkup here and also on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. Please leave a comment saying why you selected your Flashback post.  I'm looking forward to reading your Flashback posts. 

This week I am linking up to one of my favorite posts, Ready For My Tutu. In this post I talk about my experience taking ballet as an adult.  I hope you will join me in linking up.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Packing for Joyful Travels

If you have been Chasing Joy with me the last few weeks you know I am recently back from vacation. Oh what a lovely time I had in Jamaica. Check out the pictures if you haven’t already. Every day was absolutely wonderful. Only one day started off in the dumps or shall I say in the toilet (I hope that’s not too much information)

It was not a reaction to the food. The resort food was excellent and I did not eat anywhere else. Also my roomy was just fine and we basically ate the same things. I drank only bottled water so it wasn’t that either. I blame my tummy troubles on eating spices and varieties of food that I was not used too. My bad belly wasn’t even that bad. No pain and no nausea, just the need for me to be close to the loo.

But who wants to be busy skipping to the loo when there is a swim up bar and relaxing beach to chill on. Not me! So off I went to the gift shop in search of my cure, my salvation, Pepto-Bismol! “You don’t have any Pepto-Bismol?” I said to the sales lady. “You don’t have anything for an upset stomach?” I asked in disbelief while looking at Tylenol, Midol, allergy medicine, condoms, KY jelly, and everything else you would fine in a typical over the counter drug store. I left empty handed.

An hour later I met with the resorts nurse in the infirmary. I explained my symptom - cantgetoffthecanitus. She explained her hustle (I mean her fee), a flat $30US to see her. I saw the beautiful pink bottle just out of reach, securely locked in the glass medicine cabinet and reached into my purse. How painful it was to hand over those 30 bucks. I know what you are thinking $30 for a bottle of Pepto, crazy! But its worst my 30 US dollars got me exactly one dose of that pink goodness. (She did promise not to charge me another $30 if I had to come back for another dose that same day.) Luckily one dose did the trick. I was back in the pool by noon.

That day I promised myself I would never travel without Pepto-Bismol again. So that you never have to pay more than you should for the basics here is a list of things to never travel without.

  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Insect repellent
  • Your favorite girl products (you know what I mean)
  • Tylenol or other pain reliever
  • Over the counter Sleep Aid
  • A credit card for emergencies
  • Sunscreen (even if you are black)
  • An international calling card for emergencies
What is on your must pack list to make sure your vacation is Joyful???

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday. Flashback Friday is where you can Flashback to one of your older posts and linkup here and also on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. Please leave a comment saying why you selected your Flashback post. I cannot wait to read some of your older stuff.

This week I am linking up to one of my first post.  In this post I attempt to define Joy so that I know it when I experience it.  I hope you will join me in linking up. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Joyfully Floating... Or Trying To

It looks so inviting and comfortable, so inviting.  You are in the pool but not submerged.  You can lay back and let your worries go adrift and let the relaxation wash over you.   There's only one problem.  There is no graceful way to get on it.  LOL

It if you climb on from the left it shoots from under you to the right. If you jump on top of it it, it will throw you off with equal force.  If you slide on from the bottom it shoots out the top.  It is qute the wrestling match. 

                                                           But in the end, I won!!!

What do you consider the most relaxing part of your vacation?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chasing Joy in Jamaica, Yeah Mon!


I have just returned from vacation, I was Chasing Joy in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I stayed at a wonderful resort that was for adults only. I went with my friend and former college roommate. I had a really good time and would rate my vacation an B+.

We did everything through a travel agent. This was the most hands off I have been with planning a trip. We just told her where we wanted to go and when and she did the rest – Resort, flights, and transportation from and to the Airport in Jamaica. Now that I think about it this vacation was several firsts for me. This was my first time Flying to an island. In the past I have visited islands while on cruises. This was my first time staying at an all-inclusive. It was fabulous. I don’t know if I can go back to a non-all inclusive again. This was also my first time taking a prescription anti-anxiety medication to help me stay calm during the flight. The medicine did help some but I still think people belong on the ground not in huge, cramped, metal capsules that weigh tons.

So here are all the great experiences that gave me Joy:
- Flights both directions had minimal turbulence
- Resort was beautiful and clean
- Swim up bar!!!
- Robes in our room for lounging
- Pool within 30 second walk to our patio
- Beautiful views
- Happy Friendly Resort Staff
- Buffet style breakfast with all the bacon you can eat
- Really comfy beds with nice sheets
- Tropical drinks
- Club that played videos that matched with the DJ was playing
- A mini casino
- Pretty good shows including circus, newlywed game, and talent show
- Awesome shower with handheld showerhead and overhead rain shower showerhead
- Good French food, Good Japanese Hibachi food, and good surf and turf seafood
- Discounted Spa treatments
- We were there for Emancipation day (day slavery ended in Jamaica). I wish we had emancipation day as a national holiday in the US.
- Jerk Chicken and Jerk Burgers at the pool or on the beach
- Cute souvenir T shirt for my dog and souvenir bag for me (although the cat has claimed it)
- No matter what you say everyone says “Yeah Mon, No Problem!”
- I felt good in my bathing suit
- When I returned home I still had 3 full days before returning to work
- We got to dress up for dinner

Here are the Joy Thieving experiences that caused this vacation to only scored a B+:
- It rained for a few hours every afternoon the first 3 days
- $30 for pepto to calm an unruly tummy (more details to come in a future post)
- My manicure and pedicure did not last the first full day so all pics show me with chipped nails
- Roommate was into activities while I was into lounging so that meant lots of lounging solo
- Most of the people there were part of a couple – I am single and looking
- Not many girls getaway groups like us and definitely no groups of single guys
- Italian food was mediocre
- The desserts were also not the best
- The beach could have been a little bigger with less rocks
- Mosquitos - my fault though for not having a bug repellant
- Didn’t get to Dunns River Falls – but maybe this is a good thing because it gives me a legit reason to go back

Here are some pics!!!


Overall the good far outweighed the bad. And really, the bad wasn’t so bad, except for $30 for pepto. Also some of the things that detracted from the trip could have been avoided if I planned better. I will be going back to Jamaica again but next time I hope to take either a man or a bigger group of girlfriends.

What was your last vacation like? How would you rate it? What was most Joyful about it?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Feel Good Fridays = Flashback Fridays

I just had a great idea!!!  Yes, I am sure it is a great idea.  It invloves me getting to know some of my blogger pals better by checking out some of their older posts.  Like all great ideas this one has me feeling good, which is so appropriate for Feel Good Friday.  So what is this great idea you ask.  Drum roll please ...............  I am happy to introduce Flashback Fridays. 
Flashback Fridays is where you can Flashback to one of your older posts and linkup here and also on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. Please leave a comment saying why you chose your Flashback post.  I cannot wait to read some of your older stuff.

For our first Flashback Friday I'm linking up with my very first blog post.  I feel I have come a long way.  Enjoy and Linkup!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Joy in Jamaica; Yeah Mon!!!

Here I am in Jamaica, taking a break from my schedule of  chillin by the pool, chillin in the pool, chillin at the swim up bar, chillin on the beach, chillin at the bar, and just chillin in general, to write a  blog post.  Why???  Because I acually like Chasing Joy.  While I do take this blogging thing more seriously then I thought I would, looking at stats, monitizing, and looking into conferences, it is still mucho fun.  I like being focused on Joy but most of all I like communicating with all of you who are also focused on the postivie, happy, appreciative side of life; all of you Joy Chasers.

So,  while I am chillin and thinking about which restaurant I'll eat at tonight, wheather I'll wear a dress or something more casual to dinner, and what tropical drink I'll induldge in, I am also thinking "today is Make it Happen Monday* and on Way to go Wednesday** and Thankful Thursday*** I won't have internet connectivity" :-(    Notice I am not at all concerned with my so called real job.  My priorities are definately in order. 

Chasing Joy all the way from Jamaica.

Do you have trouble leaving thoughts of work or home behind while you are on vacation?  If so How do you refocus on fun and stay in the moment?

*Make it Happen Monday is where we (joy chasers) list our weekly goals on the FB page.
**Way to Go Wednesday is where we say way to go to ourselves and others for our accomplishments and general awesomness on the FB page
***Thanful Thursday is where we practice an attitude of gratitude and say post what we are thanful for on the  FB page.  
See how much fun we are having on the FB page..  join us :-)   

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