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Monday, February 25, 2013

Create Personal Mantras To Feel More Joy

Often on the Twitter or Chasing Joy Facebook page I have posted "No Negative Self Talk Today".  I'm not going to go into why we should not talk negatively to ourselves.  I'm not going to explain how it is bad for our self esteem or how most of us are way harder on ourselves than we'd be on anyone else.  I know you all know that already.  :-)

We are all in agreement that Negative Self Talk is a no no. The question then becomes what should we be saying to ourselves?  My answer is Mantras!  According to my good friends at Merriam-Webster  a mantra is defined as follows:
 1: a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating
2: a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone's basic beliefs 
You may remember that meditating is not Joyful to me therefore I am applying the second definition.  I am going to repeat words and phrases often that express my beliefs about me.  These Mantras will serve as Positive Self Talk.

To develop my mantras I considered what type of negative self talk struggling with the most.  Then I developed mantras of positive self talk to combat the negative.  For me these areas are confidence, body image, and anxiety.  Here are my mantras:

Confidence - I am a smart, talented, kind person who is an asset to those around me in all situations.  
Body Image - My body is strong and beautiful with feminine curves.  I nourish it with water, fruit, vegetables  lean meat and whole grains.  I enjoy other foods within reason. I take pleasure in the energy my body produces to maintain an active lifestyle.  
Anxiety - I am at exactly the time and place in my life to receive God's blessings.  I am not alone and have friends and family who love me.  God has delivered me from stressful situations in the past and continues to do so.  
I am going to recite these mantras daily and let you know my results :-)
Combat negative self talk with positive self talk.  Create your own personal mantras to feel more Joyful.  

Did you create your own? Do you have one already?


  1. Such a great post! Love your blog, and insight. I'll definitely be back to check out more! :)


  2. I like that idea. I talk to myself and talk myself into things all the time. Our words have power and we should use that power for our benefit!

  3. Love it!!! This is my strive, to remain positive at all cost because I am not even the dust particle on the wall. I do not even weigh the wing of a mosquito. I depend on my Lord for every single thing, and He is All Knowing, All Hearing, and All Power. He will see me through it all and for this I am grateful, and I must remain with all the good that He is, therefore, I remind myself of my own self-worth.

  4. Love it! I've talked to myself about body acceptance post pregnancy and am now comfortable in my skin. I speak positively (in addition to purchasing a push up bra! lol)

  5. yes! whatever works for you. i do not have mantras but i do believe in positive self talk.

  6. You have got some kick-ass mantras! I especially love the body image one and the anxiety...I too find myself struggling with intense anxiety sometimes. Thinking about being at exactly the right place in the right time certainly helps...Thanks for sharing these I'll have to add them to mine too :-)


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