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Friday, February 22, 2013

#FlashbackFriday & Blogaversary Giveaway Winners Announced

Happy Friday Joy Chasers!!!  It's time for Flashback Friday once again.  But before we do that, we have some business to take care of.  Blogaversary Giveaway business!!!  Thanks so much for everyone who has supported me in 3 years of blogging and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.

There was a total of twelve items up for grabs.  Each winner was drawn at random using Rafflecopter; therefore some entrants have won more than one prize.

Our winners are:
Megan - $10 Bredenbecks Bakery Gift Certificate -
Ashley Marie Morrissey - Creekside Naturals Gift Basket and Motions Shine and Hold Hair Spray
Madeline Brubaker - Epiphany Mobile Spa Gift Basket and Motions Shine and Hold Hair Spray
Carolina Thomas - Motions Shine and Hold Hair Spray
Kelly Falcone - How To Get Organized in 24 Hours E-Book and Motions Shine and Hold Hair Spray
Angel Amore - Motions Shine and Hold Hair Spray
Jenna Hudson - Creekside Naturals Soap for a year
Nancy Joy Hornig Bowers - How To Get Organized in 24 Hours E-Book
Nikki Cunningham - Emeralistic Treasures Item

Congrats Ladies!!!  You will be receiving an email and will have until 11:59 Pm Sunday, Feb 24 to reply claiming your prize.  If you do not reply a new winner will be selected.

Now on to the Flashback!!!

Here are my two favorite posts from last week's Flashback Friday Link up.

Twitter Tips for Business - An Oldie offers good easy to follow tips on how to use Twitter.  is a great story of how Janeane met her husband.  I love hearing how people meet :-)

My flashback this week is Running Towards Joy... Slowly :-( .  It is about the challenges I felt when training for my first 5k.  Check it out and share your thoughts and experiences on running.

Now it is time for you to link up.  Here is how it works.  Pick out your link for Flashback Friday and add it below.  Link to any post you like of any theme you want.  Then post a link to your Flashback post on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page so more Joy Chasers can read it.  Use the hashtag #FlashbackFriday or #FBF on twitter to promote your Flashback posts. Then, make sure you check out AT LEAST TWO other flashback posts.  I suggest the two links before your post to make it easy.  If you link up early be sure to come back and checkout those who join the linky after you.   Please leave a comment below saying why you selected your Flashback post and what you thought about the other Flashback posts.

Give your old post new live via the power of the linky!!!


  1. You invited me, I came! I did however write my name instead of the title of my blog post *womp womp* reagrdless, glad to be here and thanks for hosting this :-)

  2. Thanks Again for Arlett for those reminders on Twitter. I need them :) Hope you have a nice weekend too!

  3. Missed the last couple of weeks, but I'm back :-) Looking forward to reading everyone's posts.

  4. I'm a day late, but was reminded late last night about linking up (after I was already in bed - haha). I thought about this old post/recipe for Chocolate Pomegranate Banana Bread because today, Feb. 23, happens to be National Banana Bread Day! Cheers!

    1. PS: Doesn't look like it wants to link up - here was the recipe I'm trying to post:

  5. Hi Lovely, I'm your newest follower from Weekend Wonders #28 Blog Hop.
    I love your awesome blog!

    Feel free to visit & follow me @


  6. For awhile I felt like I didn't have anything new from the past to share. Now it seems so long has gone by that I can't believe it. Here is my post from a year ago yesterday. Still seems relevant. Don't know if that is good or bad. Happy Joy Chasing to you!


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