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Friday, March 8, 2013

#FlashbackFriday:To Don't List for Joy in The Workplace

Happy Friday Joy Chasers.  What a fast week.  We are back for the #FlashbackFriday Link up already.

Here are my favorite posts from last weeks link up:

@MommyTalkShow on Oprah & Gayle's Friendship is a good video blog about female friendships.
BoomerWiz is a post that is I could have written myself on the mental hurdle of asking others for help.

My #FlashbackFriday post this week is a list of behaviors to avoid at work, A To Don't List for Joy in the Workplace.   Check it out and let me know what you'd add to the list.

Now time for you to add your #FlashbackFriday post. Here is how it works.  Pick out your link for Flashback Friday and add it below.  Link to any post you like of any theme you want.  Then post a link to your Flashback post on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page so more Joy Chasers can read it.  Use the hashtag #FlashbackFriday or #FBF on twitter to promote your Flashback posts. Then, make sure you check out AT LEAST TWO other flashback posts.  I suggest the two links before your post to make it easy.  If you link up early be sure to come back and checkout those who join the linky after you.   Please leave a comment below saying why you selected your Flashback post and what you thought about the other Flashback posts.


  1. Well first doesn't mean that I know what I'm doing here, LOL. This is my first attempt at #FlashbackFriday. Hanifah's Blog centers around the young people of today. I feel that it is so very important for children to be understood and not programmed to conformity. In my opinion, healthy expression of self brings about good self-esteem as children develop into adulthood.

  2. Thanks Arlett for hosting again. I put in wrong name today - after all this time, I forgot :) Hope your week is going well.

  3. Hi Arlett, it's been a while but I'm back.

    As it's International Women's Day and I'm focusing on women's health. Here's a post I did on women's fitness, from their 20's and beyond their forties.


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