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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Joyful Time at #FitRetreatPhl with #CityFitGirls

Happy Monday Joy Chasers. Today I was planning to pick up where I left off last week talking about how to make my goal SMART goals. I wrote about the letter S, making my goal specific.   Next up is to make sure my goals are Measurable for the letter M.  But instead, today I want to talk to you about a great experience I had this weekend.

This Saturday I attended Fit Retreat Philadelphia.  This was a fitness conference hosted by City Fit Girls.  The conference was from 9 am to 2 pm.  There were exercise classes like running,  biking, kick boxing, club cardio, yoga, HIIT, and Belly Dancing every hour.  There were also health workshops on the psychology of food, meditation,  juicing,  body image, healthy shopping and others.   I really enjoyed this format of having both  exercise classes and workshops to choose from.  I would not have been able to work out all day id it were just classes.

There were so many options for how to spend the day. This is what I chose:

9:00 club cardio
10:00 psychology of food
11:00 juicing
12:00 body image
1:00 belly dancing

In addition to the classes and workshop the ticket also included a salad lunch and networking with the vendors.  I chatted quite a bit with the vendors of Thinx about their mission to improve the quality of life for girls in Uganda. They asked me to review one of their products so stay tuned for that.

The fitness classes were good but challenging.   When we started the club cardio class one of my first thoughts was on no, am I in over my head here?  I take zumba regularly but this club cardio was more exercise than dancing.  The instructor said for us to do 50 jumping jacks.  I wasn't sure I could do them. But I did and I kept up throughout the rest of the class.  The belly dancing class was physically easier but a definite challenge to my coordination.   It was good to see that I could do other things that were outside of my fitness comfort zone.
Almost 500 calories burned at #FitRetreatPhl

My favorite of the workshops was the psychology of food class.  The instructor talked about how to examine all of the areas of our life to see where we were not content.  Being dissatisfied with our lives often leads to using food for comfort.  We discussed the fact that disordered eating (an unhealthy relationship with food) is often a symptom of being unhappy with other aspects of life.  At the end of the workshop the instructor encouraged us to to lead by example and be the kinds of people we want the young girls in our lives to be when they are our age.
Overall Fit Retreat Philly was great.  I look forward to going to other City Fit Girls events and the Retreat again next year.

Have you ever attended a Fitness retreat?  What was it like? Were you at Fit Retreat Philly?


  1. I'm glad you had fun and learnt more on your fitness journey. I would love to go to one of these.

    1. Maybe you could team up with some of your fitness instructors and host an event like it in your area Sammyjoe???

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I'm always jealous of everyone who gets to go to the fitness retreat and conferences as we never have any in NZ!

    1. It was fun. We don't get a lot of things in Philly. So I try to go to everything I can.


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