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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Joyfully SMART Goals: S for Specific

Every smart girl needs smart goals!  As I have mentioned I am going to be putting in to practice what I learned about the Law of Attraction at the Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn. On Monday I set some goals and made sure I was avoiding the most common mistakes people make when setting goals.  Now it's time to make my goals SMART.  SMART stands for:
Time Sensitive
Today I am focusing on S for Specific.

Here are my goals
  1. Lose weight
  2. Change my status from single to in a relationship. 
  3. Have more fun
  4. Write 1st draft of my Chasing Joy book.
 Now I need to make them more specific.  I need to make these goals crystal clear. Here goes:

1. Lose weight - Specifically lose 80 lbs and fit into a size 14 regular not woman's size
2. Go from single to in a relationship  - Specifically a committed relationship with a man where we are excited about each other, equally committed, and compatible.
3. Have more fun - Specifically do at least 1 fun activity every week. Fun activities include going to the movies, happy hour, having friends over, meeting friends for dinner, and other interesting things that come up. 
4. Write 1st draft of my Chasing Joy book - Specifically complete book including introduction, all paragraphs, title, and layout.  

Having more fun is the most difficult of my goals to make specific.  Now that I have specified at least one fun activity per week I need to make it a priority to schedule my fun activities early in the week.

What are your goals?  Are they vague or specific? If they are vague how can you make them more specific?


  1. I'm working on improving my goals. They need some "toning."

    1. Get paid work assignments
    2. Reduce stomach inches
    3. Get my cat to a vet
    4. Sell/trade/reduce duplicates in my collection

    Hmmm ... I'm thinking I need a new blog to cover the first three, lol.

    Maybe a Fun Activities jar can help with that goal. All fun things are not equal in time or demands. For me, taking the train is fun. Or watching ANTM - yay, the new season is on! Or eating something tasty (but healthy) Check your time against the fun activities so you can cram more of them in. Shrug. I'm tempted to add that goal to my list now.

    Best wishes!

    1. Dana, I like the activity jar idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I had to laugh when I saw this! Not because this concept isn't good. In fact I think it is GREAT. I laughed because I was wondering why you were talking about course design on your blog. When I am teaching professors how to design their course or their lessons, I invoke SMART so that is where my mind went first. :)

    1. That is funny Dr. JulieAnn. What does SMART stand for when it comes to course design?


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