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Welcome to Chasing Joy!!!

My name is not Joy (It's actually Arlett)  but I am chasing it non-stop. Chasing Joy is a blog about me, a woman in her 30s who has overcome the most difficult time in her life by focusing on and going after Joy. This difficult time in my life included a horrible job, a bad breakup and most devastating of all losing my dad to cancer two months after diagnosis. These events, that sadly are common to many, left me in a dark place. A place that was filled with sadness and shadows of what could have been. A place that was unfamiliar and void of happiness. A place I was determined to escape from.

In about a year and a half my life changed and the vision I had of my future was erased. I lost myself to the sadness. I could not find my way back to being that light-hearted and optimistic girl that I used to be, not to mention I also gained 40lbs (gasp!!!) in a year due to all the stress.

This quest for Joy is my way back to being happy and staying happy again after so much heartache; to not only finds my old self but to improve upon it. Here on Chasing Joy I share with you my goals, my successes, and even the road blocks in achieving those successes. I share with you my experiences as I try new activities to broaden my view of what can bring happiness. I share with you my search for Joy through my good days and my not so good. On this blog I ask for advice and seek support as I face and conquer fears. On this blog I invite you to start Chasing Joy with me.

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

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