Chasing Joy Ambassadors

The Chasing Joy Ambassador initiative is a partnership between Chasing Joy and other bloggers who believe in the importance of pursuing a happier life.

Ambassador Iman

Iman is the author of the blog Me, Myself and Em’s. Me, Myself and Em’s (MMEM’s) is a blog about her adventures living in Philadelphia, while being a twenty-something chasing joy while chasing after her dreams.  The objective of MMEM’s is to encourage everyone to go after their goals, no matter what! Be your own cheerleader! You can do it! It is a place to learn and grow for the future, by changing our focus to attain the goal at hand. Join Iman on this journey. She posts every Thursday on Me, Myself and Em's.

Keep up with Iman:
on Twitter @MeMyselfandEms

Ambassador Samantha
Samantha is a blogger at Ebony Delights. There she writes about all things delightful, ranging for pursuing your goals and motivating others, to living a life of celebrating the good things. She has also recently started focusing on fitness in an effort to be healthier while Chasing Joy.

Keep up with Samantha:
on Twitter @EbonyDelights

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